Nin Jiom is deeply rooted in the traditions of Chinese medicine and at the same time committed to using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all products meet today’s modern requirements and international standards.

As a pioneer of modern Chinese medicine, Nin Jiom continuously strives to develop new ways to produce quality products that meet the needs of customers in Asia and across the world using the latest technologies and scientific methods.


“Nin Jiom” was originated from a Chinese young provincial commander named Yang Xiaolian in the Qing Dynasty; memorizing his beloved mother who once had serious cough. Yang searched long for the cure, and Yang’s mother recovered by taking a secret formula of cough syrup, Pei Pa Koa, from a famous physician, Dr. Yip. Following his mother last will, Yang made Pei Pa Koa available to everyone.

Since its establishment in 1946, Nin Jiom has always put customers first. From selecting only the finest natural ingredients and herbs to using state-of-the-art technologies for production, and adhering to stringent quality control processes, Nin Jiom continuously strives to develop high-quality Chinese traditional medicine to fulfill the needs of customers through a diverse range of natural remedies.


Apart from Pei Pa Koa, Nin Jiom is also famous for its herbal candies with 6 unique flavors, Original, Tangerine-Lemon, Super-Mint, Ume Plum, Apple-Longan and Lemongrass. These help moisten the throat, quench thirst, relieve throat discomfort and protect your voice.


Nin Jiom always stays close with the customers around the world. Malaysia as an example, Nin Jiom has a brand name in Bahasa Malaysia “CAP IBU DAN ANAK”, and with the recognition of Halal certifications. Nin Jiom will be part of your family being there to safeguard your health.